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Why you shouldn't run your own ads on Facebook or Google

Very rarely do I encounter a business owner making money from advertising, and the reason is that most of the time they don't have any idea if they're making money. Many of my conversations go as follows...

Client: I've been spending what Facebook recommends, about $10-40 per day on ads.

Ari: And how is your return? Are you making a profit?

Client: I think so...I've been seeing sometimes that I sell more when I spend on ads. But sometimes know, I'm not exactly sure, but how can I even tell?!

Ari: I'd actually say that's an obvious sign you shouldn't be spending anything. If you can't tell if you're making money on advertising, how can you know that it's worth the money?

Client: I guess you're right!

Managing ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google can be simple for some people, though for the vast majority of business owners, it can be pretty complicated. Even if you think you know what you're doing, you may not, or at least you may not be getting the return you could be. Tracking spend, optimizing your audience, and monitoring for increased performance are vital to any successful campaign.

If you want to manage your own advertising, make sure you understand how to take it seriously. Otherwise, find a good pro to handle it.

- Ari Rosenberg

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