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Welcome to the (Lunch) Club

For our opening Blog entry, we thought about all the many topics we could write about. We could start off the blog with an explanation of who we are, or delve into topics we focus on as experts like web design, SEO marketing, or other ways to build and grow a great website. We could talk about small business marketing or how to get started as an entrepreneur online, and I guess that's sort of what we decide to talk about, but in an unorthodox way. We decided to talk about Lunchclub.

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to a new website called Lunchclub, a networking website that was very unique, in that its sole purpose was to match people to have lunch together. Over Covid, it became very popular as all the meetings became virtual, and people who no longer could venture outside could still fulfill their social needs by meeting people who matched their interests, though were not necessarily similar. I joined ended up absolutely loving it. I'd get matched with producers, entrepreneurs, techies, and the common denominator was that everyone was friendly, professional, and looking to meet interesting people and network, either for business or just generally for the enjoyment.

If you have an hour a week to sit down, eat lunch (or just chat) and meet a stranger over Zoom, I strongly recommend you do. You never know who you might meet, what you might learn, or how you may be inspired. is free to use, but they do have some extra features that you can pay for, or earn points toward. Join today and start networking!


Consult With Ari

- Ari Rosenberg

Consult With Ari

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